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BBC iPlayer Downloader for Apple Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone

Whilst the BBC are still dragging their feet with providing Windows only versions of their iPlayer software for downloading programmes, I've been using an alternative solution.

Paul Battley has found a solution using Ruby script run as a command line application. This is a cross platform tool that will work on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. There is a GUI interface as well, though the author recommends using the command line which works perfectly well within a Terminal window.

./iplayer-dl --pid-list=download.txt

The downloader is able to handle bulk downloads through creating a list of programmes using the PID identifier in a text file.

Download the latest iPlayer Downloader software. On a Mac you'll need to have installed Apple's Xcode development environment.



Ok, this helps us mac users slightly. Why can't someone come up with a standalone app which does this with a GUI? - I know there are some already, but as of 13th September 2008, these don't work.

It's been difficult because the BBC keep changing the goalposts.
But as it happens, there is one, and I helped write it.
iPlayer Downloader 2.0 downloads fine. Newer version will have multiple downloads, integrated WebViews and maybe even proxy support.

Which if fine if you're one of the 20% of users on 10.5

But it, or the older version 1.1, don't work for 10.4!

Very disappointing that the software doesn't even go back a single 0.1 version of the OS


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a sweet little app! Very easy to set up and use and works great! (Version 2.3, running on iMac with 10.5.5)

NM - we wrote this app primarily for ourselves; it's free, we like it. If you don't want to upgrade then don't, it's not our problem.

is it really that gd because you make it sound great and then i went out and brought one and i didnt like it and i am a computer geek ???????

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