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Digital Creativity Bus, draft proposal

Last week I completed a draft proposal detailing some of my thoughts for the Digital Creativity Bus. I would welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions please. This is a great opportunity to build something so seductive and engaging for all who use the bus... we might only get one chance to get this right.

Download the draft v2 proposal paper


ah, yes... it needs all that Stephen... sorry, I wasn't clear. The initial document is really there to be more explicit about what the bus might consist of, how it needs to be designed to take into account of needs of the users and function of the bus. At this stage, having people comment on the idea / function of the bus is what I'm looking for. The people I am aiming it at is anyone who has an interest in children's learning, particularly in digital creativity, but not exclusively at all. Stakeholders should include parents, teachers, children.

Thanks for your questions though, these really do help with writing the follow-up document, with budgets and considering medium / long term plans. It is fair to say, that a project like this will demand a reasonable size budget if it's going to be successful - a person skilled in driving the bus and teaching on the bus would be ideal.

Your point about stating what the children could learn and why this is important is missing and should have been in this document... thanks Stephen... as ever you are REALLY helpful :-)

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