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Drupal feed problems with Blogspot sites

I used to publish an RSS feed of content from mobile.jonathansblog.net site on this site. Some users noticed that when you clicked on a particularly title in the feed, it would take you to another article and not the article implied in the title. I spent weeks looking for a solution, and with more comments indicating problems, I chose to remove the feed from this site.

I hate anything that I can't fix, so never really gave up trying to find a solution. I found this solution, though it's a pity there is no explanation as to why the problem occurs in the first place. Maybe that is yet to become clear. The solution is simple, use another feed URL from Blogspot:


seems to work ok. Read this article about Drupal and Blogspot feed issues.

Here are the latest feed items from the mobile.jonathansblog.net site:


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