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egoSurf - you know you want to


egoSurf appears to be the work of one person, totaling nine hours over the Christmas period.

We are your typical webmasters. Ego maniacs. We need to be stroked in many ways. Hit counts, page views, bandswidth usages, and, the whole grail of them all - an excellent ranking in search engines.

Think he means, Holy Grail. There is some truth in what he says... not sure about ego maniac description however!

Give us a search term, tell us your web sites (domains, resources etc), and where you want to look, and we go do the hard work. We'll query your search engine of choice, then check what results point back to your domains. For each 'hit'??, you get egoPoints.

So, I have searched for me using egoSurf. I have 7524 egoPoints at present... does that mean if I become more 'visible' to Google and ranked higher in their searches for my keywords, I'll increase my egoPoints?

Hmmm. Could be handy this... especially as the scoring system is easier to see whether your Search Engine Optimisation work to gain a better Google ranking has had any effect. Since Google rankings are between 1 and 10... small changes / improvements just can't be represented... whereas egoPoints would perhaps give a better indication because of the wider scale... maybe? Needs to be explored some more. Interesting nevertheless.


I can well appreciate the 9 hour rule and quality control... :-)

egoSurf has great potential, but don't lose sight of one of it's strongest features - it's simplicity, although I suppose that's more to do with user interface than features.

Keep up the good work...

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