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Latest gadget: Giant novelty matchstick / lighter


As my friends will testify, I simply love novelty items and gadgets... this is my latest gadget. A Scout who participated in the Now Get Out Of That challenge event that I helped organise for the Billericay and Wickford Scouts last weekend. The event demands that each hiking group cooks a hot meal at midday. Since most of the groups either forgot or didn't think to bring matches, this device was used ever such a lot - lifesaver!
Buy online from Amazon - only £3.99 (the perfect novelty gift for friends and relatives!)

or, this stainless steel version:


The silver version is, admittedly, handy (if a wee bit geeky!) but sadly, it seems to run out of lighter fluid rather quickly. Now I'm debating whether to fill it up or buy the more geeky giant matches!?

The giant red matches are just fabulous... anything else is just imitation ! ;-)

Ah...but everything is imitation - see Baudrillard.


Yes, just read about his life and beliefs. Amazing perspective to have taken.

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