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Grocery Store Wars... Join the Organic Rebellion


Watch the clip, Grocery Store Wars - Join the Organic Rebellion

Love the organic vegetable characters, Chewbroccoli, Tofu D2, Obi Wan Cannoli


Hey Mu!

Good to hear from you... and have you comment on my blog. Over the past few months I have developed some strong ideas about why you might choose to use Drupal or Plone. Plone is great for building community since it has strong Users and Groups model, a sound privilege structure and seems to be very extendable. Drupal is also very extendable and is also simpler and personally, better at managing content in a very understandable and accessible way. The other strong feature of Drupal is its integration of RSS and RSS aggregation.

I think Plone products are still very basic at the moment... the tools you and I aspire to just aren't there... but I'm confident that in the next few months they will be...

Thanks for your information on this page. Its definitely useful to learn more on a subject of your interest to make ourselves more educated for certain topics. Here is another informative page for this topic that may be of interest to some one

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