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Apple iPhone cradle for VW Golf TDI MK5

Many people will know that for years I've been using a simple technology to mount my iPhone on the dashboard of my MX5 and now, the Golf TDI. It's been great, simple, clean, effective and simple to attach and remove the iPhone from the dash. However, the time has come for a rethink.

After a time, the velcro fastener wears and the adhesive weakens, so I've been checking out iPhone accessories to see what alternatives there are. I've found this product... Brodit Passive Holder with Tilt & Swivel.

This comes with a bracket for fixing to the dashboard, but this means drilling holes which I'm never keen to do as at some point I will want to sell the car on.


To overcome this, I found another product called a Brodit ProClip which is made by the same manufacturer and uses an innovative clip which makes use of the tiny gaps in the dashboard between the plastic panels. A special tool is inserted to open the gap whilst the clip is pushed into position. The clip simply locks into place.

Fab, no holes, no drilling, no damage.





Really useful guide to fitting X-link (which am about to do to my wife's Golf) and subsequent Brodit mount.

Did you consider adding the Bluetooth Hands free add-on to the X-link as I am trying to determine where to fit the controller / microphone.



I recently purchased a Tom-Tom iphone car kit. Is there an option to use Blue-tooth as opposed to the cables, and the kit never came with a i expected to talk louder or can one buy it separately and where would you attach it on both ends???


I do not have this yet, as still considering the options, but its certainly more cost effective???


hi m8, i own a mk5 golf and im wanting to use my ipod in my car,is the x-link the only way to make this possible? i have the cable that plugs straight from the ipod, is it not possible to plug it straight into the back of the stereo. thanks for your help,hope to hear from u.

Dear Jonathan
I own a VW Golf FSI 115 and I want to use my iPhone in my car. Will the x-link work in my Golf? Is it possible to plug it straight into the back of the stereo or any other way to make this possible? Hope to hear from you. Thank you


I was interested in this Brodit holder (I want the active) and the ProClip.

The Proclip you linked to was for left-hand drive only. Am I right in thinking this will work on a right-hand drive car, but the iphone will just be nearer the steering wheel?

That's exactly where I want it, as long as I can still see the phone.



Hi Mat,

The Proclip for left-hand drive cars means that the Brodit holder is slightly more angled towards the driver in left-hand drive cars. Ideally, you'd get a Proclip for right hand drive cars if that's what vehicle you drive.

Hope that helps


Thanks for sharing this post. I found it really informative. Hope to see more.

Further to this, the Brodit passive holder for a HTC 620 Looks identical to the one above, but is slightly wider and will take a iPhone 4 or 4s with a case attached (I use with a griffin élan case) and it all slides in perfectly

The élan also allows the slightly 'chubby' Xcarlink iPod cable to attach as well

Hth, good blog was researching getting the xcarlink Bluetooth module but I think I will stick with my ck3000 parrot instead - though I will be moving to aux-in on the xcarlink with a USB/line out iPhone cable to prevent the xcarlink and ck3000 upsetting my new girlfriend - Siri


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