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Mission Accomplished! - Monty captured and released


For those of you who are keen on following Monty's progress, here are his final moments of freedom being caught on MouseCam.

(click for video)

When I arrived home, I promptly drove to a woodland area nearby and released him into the wild. Here he should enjoy a better diet away from chocolate, cheese and peanut butter. All the best, Monty!


What I wasn't sure about was how far I would have to drive before Monty would lose sense of his homing skills... Does anyone know what homing ability mice have, if any?

ps.. I still have mouse traps set incase the party has already arrived... or if Monty was really a Montyess... we might yet discover that the whole family is living within.

Sorry Jonathan, I meant to add that I don't know anything about the homing ability of mice, but if Monty is at all related to white footed mice(!), there's a 5.94% chance of his return (or there is according to the BioOne website (
But then perhaps if he'd been white footed, he'd have left little footprints across the floor so you could retrace his steps to find out where he's been hiding...? ;-) Maybe you shouldn't get rid of the chocolate and peanut butter just yet anyway :-).

The mousetrap that caught Monty is the type which has a cat flap door setup... this allows the mouse to enter the trap and reach the bait located at the far end. The door only opens one way, so once inside, there is no way the mouse can leave.

Buy online from Gifts and Gardens. The trap is called "Humane mouse trap" and costs £9.99 including delivery.

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