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Drupal 'Clean URL's and mod_rewrites' grrrrh



Thanks, now it works for me too!

Worked for me with a couple of hitches:

1. For Apache2 on Windows, there is no AddModule mod_rewrite.c line, so forget it.
2. Add the AllowOverride All (misspelled above) to a Directory inside your site config like this:

<Directory /path/to/your/drupal/dir>
AllowOverride All

PS> Found this page on Google, so I guess it works, huh?

Excellent - thanks for your comments.... that's really useful to know. As you may have guess already, much of my development is done on Mac OSX.

Clean URLs weren't working for me either. I went through what you have suggested and a similar article on's forum but it still didn't work. After looking through my httpd.conf I noticed the following entry:

<Directory />
Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
AllowOverride None

This directory config block was causing the problem even though I had AllowOverride set to All in drupal's directory config block. Now that I think about it, this behavior _does_ make sense. Anyways, Changing the "AllowOverride None" to "AllowOverride All" in this block brought everything back to normal.


Thanks Fahran, much appreciated.... I'll check out your site....!

Sorry, the previous link pointed to the wrong post on This should be the correct on.

- Farhan

no worries :-)

None working for my site :(

Clean URLs aren't needed for Google to index, not do they give you higher rankings, that's a myth. They only use words in URLs as keywords if they aren't already present either on the page or in links to your site.

Google can index get URLs (?q= type URLs) just fine, you'll find many of them from searches. I've never used URL rewriting, but my blog pages are well ranked (using Wordpress, URLs come out like

If your site wasn't being indexed, it's for another reason.

Read up on how Google indexes sites, they list it all openly in their documentation, there's no voodoo or deep dark mysteries about it, all of their really difficult stuff is in rankings, not indexing.

Hi Rog

Thanks for your comment. I think the post, back in March '04, came as a result of my work building a blogging engine using Filemaker. Back then, Filemaker URLs really were 'bad' and no indexable, for whatever reason. I spent lots of time investigating at the time, so I moved over to Drupal.

I suppose the same anxiety pursued this move, hence the blog post. However, I'm glad I looked at the 'clean URL' technology because, as you say, pages are better indexed because of words in the URL. Are you sure words in the URL aren't given more favour in Google searches? How can we test / prove this?


I have just adjusted as you said. But my problem continue. The choice Enable clean url is still grey and I can not activate it. I set drupal wwwroot I mean main directory but I can not activate clean url. Please help. Thanks.
the site:

listen niggaz

do this maybe with all of the above:

You should uncomment '#RewriteBase /drupal' in the .htaccess file and remove 'drupal'. It should look like this:
RewriteBase /

Next add the following code snippet to your settings.php file located at site/default/settings.php.
$conf['clean_url'] = 1;

on second though dont include anything in settings.php

this RewriteBase /drupal should be like this everywhere in .htaccess file.

note above RewriteBase /drupal indicates my directory where drupal folder is residing

Many thanks for the tip !

Here is a video to explane how to get clean urls on Drupal website!

Have a nice day! ;)

I think this refers to the directory path where Drupal is installed and from which nodes Drupal articles will be referenced from. So in terms of Allow Override All, make sure this is applicable to the Drupal directory in your. Thank you.

This is great. This directory configuration block was causing the problem even though I had AllowOverride set to All in drupal's directory configuration block. Now that I think about it, this behavior does make sense. Thank you.

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