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Welcome to my new blog.....

For some months now, I've wanted to find some time to develop my Filemaker weblog a little. It lacks many of the features, such as trackback, RSS news feeds, that nearly all blogging software can do really quite easily. So I spent the first part of the weekend exploring how to develop these tools.

It wasn't until I started hacking around in the Filemaker database that I realised that i'd been running my old blog for nearly two and half years. Took me back a little - especially when I began reading some of my earliest entries, Software just got harder, much harder and Exploring Children's Creativity - absolutely fascinating. Have some of the issues changed since then? no, not really.

I also started me thinking why did I spend time developing my old blog in custom built Filemaker software - sounds like a crazy idea now. It quickly dawned on me that at the time, there just wasn't the range of good quality blogging software that there is today - so I built my own.

As you'll read.....I just couldn't get Filemaker to do even the most simpliest of tasks - create an RSS feed. I managed it - and it worked (kind of!)

Read on.....


Hi Jonathan-cool new blog though I don't understand most of what you are talking about :-) I tend to talk about people as my technical understanding is about -37

It doesn't ask for my name-why is that?

Gina XX

Kisses? Rumour!

This blog software, Drupal, assumes that you will register and then comment, which is a little naff really. I love Drupal though, and decided I'd run with it for now.

As it happens, I found a great guy called Pablo who I have emailed about his SimpleComment.module that he has written. SimpleComment allows you to submit your name, email address and comment. It plugs straight into Drupal - he hopes to have something ready for me to test in the next couple of weeks.

I'll let you know when, then you can comment and leave your name.

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