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Where do you thought-shower?

I'm sounding like a bit of an oddity for doing all my thinking in the where do other people do their thinking?

A quick survey coming up....

1. Where have you found yourself to be most inspirational?

2. Why is that your most inspirational place?

3. What is your greatest moment of inspiration?

Add a 'new comment' - oh, and just for now, you'll need to add your name somewhere in your comment - unless you're Gina of course ;-)


I do mine on my journey to work . Like you , I used to forget a lot of the ideas which come to me then, but now I have learned to make myself jot down little mental sticky notes.
Andy R

I do mine when walking, ideally by water of some sort. Luckily I live near the sea and a canal. I take photos sometimes to help me remember my thoughts. Also my canal walk is now a screen saver on my mac so I can re-create my thought process as I watch it.
Linda H

Driving - partly because i tend to do a lot and it is often a time on my own. Often these pearls of wisdom are lost for ever as I cannot write when driving! AliG

My time for thinking is in bed - only time I slow down! Post it notes are ideal for the jottings!

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