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Is today's education fit for tomorrow's learning?

Today's education is often talked about as considering tomorrow's future. However, when we face the certainty of tomorrow's uncertainty, what happens then?

It simply means we need to ensure our education system, or rather, our teaching and learning curriculum is broad and balanced to ensure that our future workplace can adapt and apply themselves as appropriate.

Nowadays, our curriculum speaks less about knowledge and understanding, and more about developing a skill-set with which pupils feel empowered to apply themselves to a wide variety of roles.

Transferable skills have become an absolute necessity for any student or indeed adult looking to establish a safe and secure future.

Of course, this doesn't apply to students starting a new career, but also to existing employees who are looking to try something new, something different, yet have held very successful positions in the workplace for many years.

Transferable skills includes:


  • Plan and arrange events and activities
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Motivate others
  • Attend to visual detail
  • Assess and evaluate my own work
  • Assess and evaluate others' work
  • Deal with obstacles and crises
  • Multi-task
  • Present written material
  • Present material orally
  • Manage time
  • Repair equipment or machinery
  • Keep records
  • Handle complaints
  • Coordinate fundraising activities
  • Coach
  • Research
  • Build or construct
  • Design buildings, furniture, etc.
  • Manage finances
  • Speak a foreign language (specify language)
  • Use sign language
  • Utilize computer software (specify programs)
  • Train or teach others
  • Identify and manage ethical issues


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