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Navcon 2K4: Action Enquiry in the Classroom using Blog technology


Still catching up with my time in New Zealand and at Navcon 2k4. There is still much to share with my colleagues about my experiences... the people I met and the friends I made, the presentations I gave and the presentations I attended.

Stephen Powell and I gave a presentation 'Action Enquiry in the Classroom using Blog technology'.

I think we continue to make the mistake of not fully appreciating how many people just want good online tools that they can appropriate themselves. I spent much of this session talking about how participants, once back in their organisations, can work with the many online tools that are available and with a bit of time, create tools that work for them. For some, this is much harder if there is not the support from schools to allow them to explore and play with technology.

At Ultralab, play and experimentation is a key element in our work.... how else can you find out what the possibilities / limitations are?


Hi Jonathan,

I was at your workshop, and loved it, especially subethaedit!

Am now looking into how I can use blogging in my classes (senior computing students in NZ).

Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm.

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your comment.... glad you enjoyed the workshop.... I did too. The conference was nothing short of 'electric' - I felt privileged to not only travel to a beautiful country that is NZ, but also speak at the Navcon2k4 conference.

Excellent to hear that you are exploring/researching into how blogging could be adopted in your classes.... I'll be interested to hear how you get on....

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