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Bug Ridden


Just been working on the Online Metric project for the Design Council... and spent a happy few hours trying to figure out a buggy part of code, out came the PHP books, the web forums... I finally isolated the problem by commenting out pretty much all of the code, leaving me with a missing { bracket... arghh...

I hate PHP for wanting me to be so precise.... it wouldn't be so bad if it performed some of the code and then paused at the broken bit... that would make life so much easier.

I even had error checking switched on, but it's error reporting doesn't report line numbers particularly accurately in some cases either... double arrghhh

Let me know if you think there are too many bugs here.... ;-)


I saw more wildlife than this on the head of one child in my Reception class today Jonathan ...ugh! I'm sure that thought makes you glad to not be teaching any more!

oh yes.... I remember those ocassions very well. Is there the same silly rulling in Wiltshire as there is in Essex which says that as a school, you aren't allowed to inform the parents that their child has lice?

And why is it, that any mention of headlice makes your head feel itchy?

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