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tickets online

A good friend of mine happened to point me to a site selling theatre tickets, Abbey Box Office that his company is building..... thank goodness I can now use an online booking site that makes sense.... is it really that hard to build a site that:

  • doesn't mean wading through banner advertising which appears more important and 'in your face' than what the site is actually selling
  • lists the site content in some logical manner, here are the 'top sellers', 'last chance tickets'
  • means you can search for shows without navigating horrendously long index pages listing shows in alphabetical order. Also note images used alongside text.. that works really well and makes the page look 'less heavy' on the eye.
  • categorises theatre productions, and tells you this is the category you are browsing!
  • Oh, and I like the Online Basket reporting the current balance of bought tickets on every page... that makes sense.

It's not that hard is it?


How dare companies utilize an open market! You guys need to wake up this is US, not a communist nation.

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