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Upgrading Drupal to 4.5.1

Spent some of this morning upgrading my blog site software to the latest version... Drupal 4.5.1 and found that by following the upgrade process fails to make the new site work. So apologies to those who tried to access my blog and failed earlier. Now working, but restored to the older version sadly.

When I was in the throws of bug fixing, Ali came up to me and said 'If it ain't broken, don't fix it" - which is not a bad rule to live by if you are quite content with things 'just working'.

I'm far too curious for my own good sometimes, and when I can see cool plugins and features which are only available to me if I am running the latest blog software... then I have to bite the bullet and move on.

Another reason to upgrade is simply to maintain an up-to-date version so that future upgrade procedures are more straight-forward. I think Drupal have yet to produce an upgrade procedure which doesn't require you to upgrade through each version.


Your new look blog website looks good. The photos are interesting of your xmas meal.

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