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Goodness, us Mac users have it easy... it's a question of usability surely?


Just been reading a really interesting article contrasting the user experience of the Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Vista. Although the author of the article seems to have a heavy bias towards the Mac OS - John seems to summarise my experience of the Windows platform very well.

This is one example, where John talks about the constant stream of messages presented by most of the Windows operating systems....

To put it simply, you can work on a Mac for hours, days even, and only minimally need to directly use the OS. With Vista? The OS demands your attention, constantly.

and... why Microsoft continue to make the same mistakes time and time again....

Vista reeks of committee and design by massive consensus, while OS X shines from an intense focus on doing things in a simple, clear fashion and design for the user, not the programmer.

Sums it up pretty well I thought.

Read the full article by John C. Welch


Yeah, but that's cause MACs are computers for stupid people...

unlikely on both counts, but hey...!

Hello Eve,

Yeah, the article was full of great moments of humour and this simile was one of the best... as a Scout Leader, the vision of that was all too real !

Great to hear from you, hope you and the family are well.


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