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Routemaster Bus... on the road to digital creativity

Stepping Stones and the National Hemiplegia Organisation have recently purchased an old London Routemaster RM bus from

The intention here, rather like the Computer Bus on the Isle of Man, is to provide more opportunities for children to become involved in digital creativity projects, using video, animation, graphic design applications.

So far the bodywork has been re-sprayed, and work to the inside of the bus is set to be carried out anytime soon. The most pressing need right now is to brainstorm the layout for the inside of the bus. It will need to accommodate working spaces for children using computers, which are likely to be portable Apple iBook computers. The bus must also ensure that wheelchair users can access at least the lower deck and this means that the upper deck can't have an exclusive facilities or technology which isn't accessible from anywhere else.

So your thoughts please, we have a double decker bus to design and construct. This is an exciting opportunity and we want to get it right.


hello, i was looking at your bus idea and think it a wonderful idea. but the real reason for my contact is that i was hoping to start something of my own involving a routemaster bus and i was wondering, if it's not to rude to ask you about the costs involved in doing so, i.e. the purchasing and the doing up of the bus. if you could give me any info on that front i'd be very grateful,
good luck in your endevours,
(my email-

Hello Ben,

Thanks very much for your comment - glad you dropped off here. I'd be happy and delighted to assist you with developing this concept with you. I attach some documents that I wrote during our initial scoping phase, in fact just weeks before the conversion was set to take place. Unfortunately, there were reasons for not following through with the build, mostly surrounding accessibility for children with physical impairments.

Anyway, here is the draft document that I wrote when I was working at Ultralab in 2005.


I'll email you costs.

thanks for all the information jonathan, you've done some interesting and useful research. its a pitty the project hasn't been realised. it seems you have been stummped by the same problem that london transport had! i think any project involving these wonderful busses is an asset to a community and your project has alot ontop of that. i would gladly accept any help you can offer should i get my idea formed and on the move, tis kind of you to offer. unfortunately i've not got too far yet, so you'llhave to watch this space, although i was wondering if you had to aquire a special licence to drive the thing.i hope you can find a way forward with the project,

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