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I arrive home to find a spam comment, grrrr! How could this be... yet I've installed Captcha (see Comment Spam article)

I guess some spam engine has managed to screen read, interpret the characters in the Captcha box and submit the form...grrrr

The lengths these spam engines go to.... surely there are easier sites to leave spam on.... why mine? Not that computers have 'intelligence' to understand one site is easier than another...

What do I do next? Perhaps make the image harder for a computer to read? Add a textured background? Add more characters? Change the font? Maybe use a picture of a house instead and ask users to type the name of the image they see? Thoughts?

You do have to see the funny side however...


Sam alerted me to a security vulnerability in Drupal 4.6 which could be the cause of some of the latest SPAM comments that have seemingly bypassed the Captcha module.

Read Sam's entry

I have upgraded to Drupal 4.6.2 which contains the patch for this security vulnerability.

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