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Calling all bloggers in Hindhead, Haslemere, Farnham, Grayshott


It's so quiet here in leafy Hindhead, that I've had an idea. It started with being contacted by fellow blogger, Jess of Hindhead who had me wondering if there is anyone else out there who is blogging in Hindhead or in the surrounding villages, Haslemere, Farnham, and Grayshott.

I've found a few, but it would be great to establish a longer list...

So, who do we have already?

If you are blogging in Hindhead or the surrounding areas, get in touch. Leave a comment, or email (address above.) If there is enough interest, we'll start a Bloggers of Hindhead social group, which might one day end up doing useful stuff - who knows!?


Hi Jonathan!!
I'll be checking this list to see how (if?) it grows. We definitely need a Bloggers of Haslemere (that's the general area right?) UNITE group (not that I really need an excuse to blog!)

Hello Jess,

Thanks for your comment... I hope people come forward too. Looks like Google has indexed this article, so now appears top for:

bloggers Hindhead

bloggers Haslemere

bloggers Grayshott

bloggers Farnham (well, almost!)

I have no problem with finding excuses for meeting at a local pub either.... ;-)


Okay - so this is not adding on new bloggers - as I noticed you already got mine there (cool!) what is this, a sure and good enough reason to meet in local pub ;-)

Cheers Anneloes

Hello Anneloes,

Exactly right! How did you guess!? ;-)

I wasn't sure if there were any other bloggers out there other than the ones I have found thus far. Are you up for meeting somewhere local with the others?


Absolutely!...I emailed you you got my details...I haven't found any one else yet either, but convinced there must be more. ;-)


I don't live in the area but am going to be spending my 50th at Hindhead youth hostel in May. 2 days to enjoy the area. I would appreciate any recommendations you may have re: events, walks, pubs, make this a memorable occasion!

Hi Jonathon. I'm in Farnham. I agree, there are few blogs for these little towns!

Hi Graham...

Good to see you here. Since I wrote this blog article, I, along with others have created the social group. We call ourselves More Than Just Us. See... Fancy becoming our seventh member?

We are heading to a pub in Elstead this week, a little out of catchment, perhaps, but our sixth member, Jason, lives there. We have a strategy of visiting everyone's local at least once, and probably return to each one after that.

Do you have a blog site yourself? If you do, I'll link to your site too.


Hi, this is the first blog anywhere near Farnham I have found, but then I haven't really looked very hard!

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