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Pack your bagel in a CD spindle


"Now this is incredibly clever: using an old CD spindle as a bagel-sandwich protector for your packed lunch."

....and simple too.


Or for those of less sophisticated, a donut stacker? Ask Homer...

my brother used a 100 cd spindle as a toilet paper despencer. he used a lighter to burn a vertical slot in the clear plastic part so that you can pull the toilet paper through. works like a charm!

How are I do it?

1. Get empty spindle
2. Make bagel sandwich
3. Press down
4. ????
5. Profit!

not sure, but I know how to eat the bagel

How do I made bagel?

Why would you carry the bloody bagel around. Eat the damn thing! they're scrumptious! :P

CD holders are made from recycled monkey spunk. Be careful.

Nothing angers me more than to make my self a 'scrumptious' bagel sandwich, take it to work and place it in the fridge, only to find at lunch time that some careless, thoughtless ne'er do well has squashed it with their lunch. My poor sandwiches, all smashed and depressing. NEVER AGAIN! Thank you for providing such a great answer to one of life's more challenging questions.

Haha that's clever.

This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen EVER.


Who knew bagels needed protecting? I didn't realize they were so fragile. The ones I eat are sturdy and taste better because of it.

Go Bagels!

One day I will return to this site to see subsequent comments. Or perhaps I'll forget this page ever existed.

Well, clearly you found this page useful enough to leave a comment.



This is awesome

Yeah that would be cool if only the chemicals that they used to manufacture the case as well as the CD's themselves weren't incredibly toxic.

"At the equivalent of puberty for the pups (50 days old), about 25% of their mammary ducts had precancerous lesions, some three to four times higher than unexposed controls."

"the federal government measured dioxins in blood samples taken from 28 residents who lived near PVC facilities in Louisiana. The testing revealed the average resident has three times more dioxin in his/her blood than the average U.S. citizen."

"The tests found traces of antimony, a chemical used in the making of polyethylene terephthalate...Small doses of antimony can make you feel ill and depressed. Larger quantities can cause violent vomiting and even death."

That is genius.

dan, why did you have to ruin this?
ignorance is bliss. i use the toilet paper one, and my ass hasnt mutated yet, so i'm doing something right.

I have to say that I really like this idea. I never would have thought of it.

thanks you all the games beatiful


awesome novative and crazy enough to follow it on my day routine

Dan's a party pooper. Neat idea.

I like that idea. It's cool.
It's also featured on

...Good luck with your bagels and toilet paper. Dan is right

Witty Remark which shows off my sense of humor inserted here!

This makes a perfect gift packaging for all occasions.

I like it! I will have to do this next time. Bet it stays nice and fresh.

dan's correct but the chances of any of the plastic contaminating your food, in it's solid state as a cd holder are very remote indeed. as a raw compound in the manufacture process for those living locally then yes possilbly but not just from using the product.

all in all a great idea.

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