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Outdoor screen for displaying children's digital portfolios to the local community

Ever since the early stages of designing a brand new school, Stepping Stones, there has always been a desire to allow the local community to see some of the wonderful work that takes place inside the school.

The solution lies in bolting a large flat panel screen to the outside wall, with a cable running to a computer situated inside the school and which provides a rolling display of the children's digital portfolio. One of the major concerns other than protecting the screen against the environment, heat, cold and moisture, is security. How could we ensure that the screen we mount on the outside wall of the school building, be secure - especially to the opportunist?

Perhaps a CCTV camera would provide enough of a deterrent for the would-be-thief to reconsider their proposed actions?

As you might imagine, most screens are designed for indoor use, but I have found one LCD screen which might just be suitable for our needs.

"The 32"


Yes... good point...!

Good stuff, best of luck!!

Hello Ewan, thanks for your thoughts, they are much appreciated.

"a projector fixed to the ceiling pointing to a white screen by a window?"

If only...!

The school has lead framed windows, made up of 4" x 4" individual panes of glass, so rear projection screening just won't work terrible well. I have considered having one of the windows replaced (still cheaper) but this is not in keeping with the history of the building and would be against planning regulations. The school is a converted chapel, built some 100 years ago.

Another thought was building the screen into the wooden door, but that has significant consequences about how secure the door is post modification.

Outdoor screen have to be more light reflex otherwise it will not been clear.
Maybe you can try the screen filter. I use with my indoor screen to absorb the light as I've got the big glass window behind me in the office.
And I feel it's better

You can check the LCD Screen price here

I drink milk to stay fit.

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