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iSync Plugin for Sony Ericsson W880i phones running in Apple Mac OS X


For users of the Sony Ericsson W880i mobile phone, this is a plugin that allows Mac OS X to add your new mobile device to Apple's iSync application - the application that manages your contacts, and synchronises your diary entries in iCal.


Download the W880i mobile phone plugin.

Installation Instructions

To install, follow these instructions...

1. In the Finder, navigate to /Applications --> iSync and control (CTRL) -click the application

2. Select 'show package contents'

3. Navigate to Contents --> Plugins --> ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice --> Contents --> Plugins

4. Move the folder extracted from the attached .zip file into the Plugins folder in Step 3 (above).

5. Relaunch iSync. Should work.

Please keep this service running.

Due to the enormous interest in downloading this plugin from this site and the large amount of traffic coming to my server host, I would really appreciate a donation towards the hosting costs of this service. Many thanks for your understanding.




Works perfectly - thanks!

Hi Jonathon, I will happily make a donation as I think your site is great...except that my brand NEW sony ericsson W880i is driving me NUTS as it refuses to remain bluetooth connected long enough for any isync to happen.

I have done all the obvious things (checked that bluetooth powersave is switched off on the phone & downloaded your plugin) but I am STILL getting this error message when I try to isync my address book:

Wednesday, 11 March 2009 10:39 PM
[W880i] Connection to the phone failed.
Please make sure that your phone is turned on. If this error occurs again, please restart your phone.
Device “W880i” synchronization failed.

PLEASE HELP??? This should be so easy and it is driving me NUTS. My mac (latest version 10.5.6) says the mobile is not connected when the mobile says it is, and sometimes vice versa...but I have even tried connecting using the DATA CABLE...still no joy.

Any advice? I would never have bought this phone if I had known it would be so time consuming and stressful just to simply sync it! I would be so grateful for your help, I appreciate you are busy. THANK YOU Jonathan.

Oons :/

I have downloaded your plugin but I have found no setup or install option. Could you please tell me how I can install the plugin to my apple laptop?


Hi Dorian,

Apologies for no instructions. I have added instructions to the article. Hope that helps you.

Kind regards


Hi Jonathan,

Many thks!! I got the isync works for contact but not ical (well, it allows me to click the calender option, then it will have a pop up and say "you need to open ical first" but i already did. The box next to calender still remains uncheck. Any clue what happened?


Thanks Jonathan!
Much appreciated, works fine on my iMac5

Great plugin Jonathon, thanks!
Like Anthony, I am also having iCal syncing issues allowing me to check the box and opens iCal but cannot get any further than that. Any thoughts?

Plugin works fine, thanks. Do you know where I can get a Mac version of the software that came with the phone from?

Hello Ollie,

Sorry, can't help you with that. I wonder if others have the software they could share with you?


Hi Johanthon,
will this plug in enable me to hook up the MP3 player to itunes? if not do you know how I can do this?

Hi Trav,

The plugin only allows you to use iSync with the phone. To transfer mp3 music to the phone, you will have to use the Bluetooth File Exchange application or plug in a USB cable and have the disk mounted on the desktop of your computer. Music can be dragged from your computer to the music folder on your phone.

Hope that helps


Hi Jonathan!
Thanks for your plugin.
Unfortunately I still have a problem to sync my AddressBook with w880i by bluetooth.
After some time of operating everything looks fine but eventualy syncronization fails due to communication interruption. Do you know this issue?

Hello Dmitry,

Thanks for your message on this site. I've not experienced this problem before. How big is your address book? I've had problems synchronising large address books.

Thx for the plugin the isync working where good the litle i have tested it. But it seems that if you have a image added to the contact follow over to the phone! Should i do that ?

Excellent. "It just works"... I'm becoming a mac convert.

Thanks dude - worked a treat!

Your plugin just works fine for me! Thx a lot!

Hi there,

Thanks for the instructions, but somehowe I don't get the EXTRACTED file you are refering to.
The only things I get are:


Can you help me please.

Kind regards,

Toon ten Cate

What idiots Sony Ericsson are not having software for Macs!

To put music on the W880i I do the following.

On the Mac (G5 Dual PPC) go to Preferences, Bluetooth and select 'show bluetooth status in Menu Bar'

Then turn ON bluetooth on the W880i.

Click on the little BLuetooth icon - top right of the screen on your Mac. Go to 'Browse Device' (I can't recall if i ever had to 'add' the W880i to some list of devices - I have a feeling i didn't need to) - choose the W880i and a window opens up showing you whats lurking inside your W880. Browse 'Memory Stick' and 'Music'. The music folder is where you create music folders.

Now do this:

Click the little 'new folder' icon along the bottom of the W880i browser window (this is on your Mac!) - it's the 3rd icon along from the left. Name this 1st folder in the following way (you have to do this for each playlist or album you are adding - pain - yes I know!!). Do this one at a time for each album you add.......

Radiohead - In Rainbows
Eminem - My music is rubbish
Bjork - Vespertine
etc etc

So after you create a folder - let's say it's the radiohead album you are adding to the W880 - the browser window is blank - that's the contents of this new folder you just created. Cool. Create ANOTHER new folder right there (inside the "Radiohead - In Rainbows" folder) and name it as follows:

Radiohead (basically name this folder with the artist name)

And inside THAT folder create ANOTHER !! folder called

In Rainbows (this folder is 'album' title)

And now you are looking at the blank contents of the folder called 'In Rainbows' - now open up the folder containing the tracks of this album (in your itunes music folder or wherever it may be on your Mac) - and simply select and drag all the tracks into the 'In Rainbows' (album title) folder. The transfer will begin.

This is a bit long winded I know but so far it's the only way I have found to add albums so they are nicely accessible in the W880's walkman menu. This method gives you albums listed by artist and album - which is quite good - and once you've done it a few times it becomes pretty straightforward.

THough if anyone comes up with anything better then please let us know!!

Hi there,

Still having problems actually dragging and dropping the files into the blank contents. Do I have to actually have to call the file the same as the itunes file ?


Nice work :)

Sweet, works under Leopard too :)

Thanx a lot for posting the plug in.
But i am still having some troubles with the phone's calendar, the events appears sometimes twice and in different times (on the phone), am i doing something wrong ????

thanx again.

PD: I'm using leopard, but it happened too in 10.4 .
PD2: Can't still believe that Apple ripped off the SMS function of the Address Book, that was awesome.

Excellent Stuff! Worked a treat for me - no problems at all - Tiger 10.4.11

Jonathan, you're the best. It works flawless on the Leopard.

excellent thx !!!!

Hey there - I Googled my problem regarding an inability to sync my new W880i with my G4 powerbook (10.5 Leopard) and found your blog - LIFESAVER! so easy and works unbelievably well - congrats and thanks so much for taking the time to assist fellow Mac and Ericsson users.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks very much for making the download available - it worked perfectly on my G5 - really appreciate your skill and effort.



Hi Paul

No worries, glad I could help.


Hi Jonathan,

I've just tried to upload your plug in onto my intel machine at work - nothing pops up. I'm guessing it only works with older macs?


Hi Paul,

I'm sorry I'm not able to help with this one. Can anyone else?


Hi Jonathan,

It does not work for me regretfully, iSync still shows 'This device is not supported by iSync'? Am I doing something wrong?



Hi Sander, I get the same " this device is not supported by iSync" How did you solved the problem

HELP!! Upgraded to 10.5 Leopard on G4 Powerbook Mac - cannot get onto the internet using my Ericsson W880i anymore - was fine before - any ideas??

using an imac 2.4ghz intel core duo with leopard 10.5.1

plugin works perfectly

Is there a way to make my W880i work on my iMac running 10.3.9?

I am having trouble just getting bluetooth to talk to my phone using 10.3.9
I bought a Belkin USB bluetooth adaptor, but still no joy.
isync does not acknowledge that I have my phone paired, and I cannot browse my phone, it just says "validating" and nothing happens.

The iCal problem where synchronisation fails due to a communication error right at the end seems to be triggered by enabling the 'synchronise all-day events' checkbox. When you turn this off, it completes the sync. So I guess I'll have to go through my iCal and change all the all-day events to regular events.
Hope this helps you guys that were having this problem.

In the post above I'm referring to the way you select your phone in iSync, choose the 'more options' button and make the change as suggested

In fact if you have any 'all day events' in ICal, whether you've enabled the button or not, it still fails.
So make sure all your events in your calendar are NOT all day events!!

works like a charm! thanks ;)


I can´t seem to drag the folder into pluginmodules?

Any sugestions?


lol - having crashed my phone (dead) and freshly installed Leopard - I found I needed this all over again - and it works fine of course. See you Saturday

PS Anton - probably you need to open the Downloads folder in Finder (should be buried in your Users folder) rather than trying to drag from the Downloading window itself...

I tried following the instructions but I only get the following info.plist, macOS, PKgInfo, resources, and version.plist from your download. In the 'contents' of isync folder after ctrl clicking on it there is no plugins folder what do I do now?



Works a dream, thank you very much!

Magic worked perfectly. Thanks

Top banana - thanks a mill

hi u all!
well i...loaded Mr. Jonathan Plugin on old-fashion imacg5, and top of the line macbook pro, both Leopard 10.5.2 works great! no issues at all, just follow the instructions, read-'em ...... lol!
Mr J, thanx.

message to the Community : having found this page on the net, using it ...... makes my life more easy, developing open source takes time and effort, so keep it in mind ... let's support it!

May be tomorrow we need something new, and we hope developers work on it or may be have it for us!
Thank you all!

Brilliant. Got MAC 3 days ago. This is fabulous. No need for microsoft office now.

Hey great work,

Could you write a Plug in for the T650i and isync3 ?

looking at replacing my phone and just wondering will this work with a W890i???

So, we couldn't sync contact pictures, yes? :(
Also, is there any difference between your plugin and ?

Works perfectly even with Leopard and iSync 3 :) thanks !!

Thanks Johnathan!

It's the more computer-literate among us that let other people (me) avoid the grief resulting from large tech companies being spiteful with each other and not having open platforms. why don't they just play nice?


Thanks mate, I should have looked for this a long time ago, it's a bewty!!!

Fantastic plugin my friend, many thanks! Just one little question though. Is there any way to stop contacts with one name appearing with a dash after them once synced to the phone (i.e. "Mary" becomes "Mary -").

You' re the Man! Thanks a lot for this plugin. Just what i needed in order to get my old Ericsson working with my Mac. Cool.

Thanks a bunch.


works great (iSync 3.0.2)

Great Job, works perfectly!

Thanks for this, its ended a cycle of frustration.

Lots of thanks for the patch...
Efficient and easy.
Great job.

Thank you for the plug-in.

Hi, I am new on Mac and I used to sync my contacts and the agenda on my Sony Ericcson W880i with my Sony Vaio laptop. Does someone know if it is possible? I downloaded the plugin, but it seems it only allows me to get to Internet with the phone.

Fantastic... Thanks for your help

Thanks! worked like a dream on Mac OS X 10.5.6 iSync 3.0.2

buhuu *crying my eyes out and swearing over stupid apple and SE*
This still doesn't work, it finds my phone but states "this device is not supported by iSync."
macbook (64 bit core 2 early 2008) os x 10.5.6 iSync 3.0.2

hi.. ive tried this before and it worked.. thank you very much. but when i upgraded my hard drive then have to do it all over again. i cant seem to get it right.. already did the procedure many times again n again and still my isync cant detect my w880i.. can you help me. thanks alot. i really would appreciate it. =)

Great... thanks. Its work Fine


So glad this exists. It worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

Works perfectly with bluetooth in Snow Leopard, thanks!

Thank you Jonathan,
very nice-fast solution.

Best Regards,

Great work, thanks!

Worked like a charm! Thanks!

Hi Jonathan,

Using Mac OS x 10.5.8. Followed the instructions and when I click Add Device it says no device found. Should the phone be on Phone or Transfer mode. Do I need to install anything else for this to work? The computer definitely recognises the phone as it comes up in Network connections as Sony Ericsson w880i and Sony Ericsson w880i 2 although both say not connected.



Hi Jonathan!
This stuff works great for me, thank you!

I have had conflicts with this plugin and iCal how do I fix this and how do I un-install this plugin as I no longer need it? Thanks.

thanks man!

Thank you very much!

thanks a lot, works perfect!

thanks a lot from hamburg !! still working ;)

Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I'm hoping you write again soon!

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