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james bond

Skyfall: Bond is Back

Bond is very definitely back. Daniel Craig has become one of the best Bond actors there has been and I guess that probably means he will shortly be replaced. When I say, shortly, one of the worst things about seeing a Bond film in the cinema is that you know it will be 18 months or 2 years before watching the next one. I'm a real advocate and simply love this British classic.

Skyfall was simply awesome and one that I could watch time and time again. I found the plot easy to follow, nothing too cryptic and complicated, almost back to the traditional Bond films of Roger Moore and Sean Connery. I loved the way in which stunts drift between fantasy and true to life. Many of the stunts are performed by Daniel Craig himself and this adds to the realistic screenplay that exists.

There were a few tiny disappointments. Having just made his way through a busy Underground platform and onto a packed Underground Tube train, Bond finds himself head to head with an empty Underground train coming straight towards him. There were enough shots, I thought, to try and make that appear a bit more realistic. It's a big feature of the film and I just thought it was lacking there.

Also, the final few scenes where M and Kincade escape through an underground tunnel to safety, only a couple of hundred metres from the ensuing villain, Silva. It was both weak and sad, following the passing of M's character played by the fabulous Judi Dench. Judi Dench has defined M as Daniel Craig has defined Bond. I just hope that he has at least one more Bond film in him.

Plenty of usual Bond humour throughout the film makes this a 'must-watch' movie. Enjoy.

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