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Free calls to UK landline phones when you use Skype


Just when you think things couldn't get better, I learn of this new promotion from Skype offering free calls to any landline phone in the UK. Handy, having just bought a Skype WiFI phone device.

You still need to purchase SkypeOut credit in the usual way, which starts from 10 Euros, but you'll not be using any of them all the while you are making landline calls.


i find this a cool calling option to uk free of cost.

Can you tell me exactly how this would work then please, as I know we can call skype to skype free. I know that in the US and Canada these calls are free. It seems too good to be true for us here in the UK to have it too.


I am awaiting the news from other posts that this is actually true. As the old 'adage says; If it seems too good to be true, it probably is'.

Can't wait for Jonathon or someone else to describe in detail exactly how this works and the exact details that we need to do to activate it.

Looking forward to this if it's true with great eagerness, but not holding my breath.


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