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BAFTA film entries, 60 Seconds of Fame Competition

The judging for this year's 60 Seconds of Fame competition, created and sponsored by BAFTA and Orange is nearly complete.

The competition has been open to buddying filmmakers who are aged 16 or over. All you need is access to some film making equipment, a digital video camera or video capable mobile phone and a computer with which to edit the film.

I was particularly impressed by the guidance notes offered on the website... useful for any video project with youngsters. The guidance notes are simple and straightforward, and after being involved in the judging process over the past few days, clearly many of the filmmakers had listened to this advice in producing the high quality films.


The pages I found most useful were:

Take a look for yourself, and make a point of looking at the entries for this year. Winners from each region will attend The Orange British Academy Film Awards in 2007. The overall winner will have their film featured during the Film Awards broadcast.

Hopefully, the competition will be repeated again this year. See the 60 Seconds of Fame website.


I was just watching points west and saw that Treble Ace film for this 60 second film competition (from the West region), thought that it was absolutely fantastic and clever. It's got my vote!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your comment. I've just watched the film too - very cleverly done. Plenty more of films of that quality on the site... might you be interested in participating in this competition next year?

Hi Johnathan

Is it just me, or does it not seem a little unfair that the deadline was extended by 4 days at the 11th hour? I know it sounds like sour grapes but a lot of people will have lost out to films that were submitted after the deadline we all worked towards. How do BAFTA justify moving the goalposts at the last minute?

Also, just out of interest Jonathan, which region were you judging?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your comment and for sharing your views on this - I wasn't aware that the deadline for the submission of films was extended by 4 days and therefore not aware of BAFTA's reasons for doing so. Clearly you are none the wiser either, which must make it hard to appreciate their reasons for it.

How did you discover that the deadline was extended? I am surprised if the extension of the deadline wasn't given any explanation. Happy to follow up with BAFTA if you can provide more information. Thanks.

I took part in the judging of the East region and rather delightfully, was presented with lots of very high quality material to view.


Hope this can help clear things up. The deadline was only extended four days for entrants who had tried to previously submit their film but had been unable to. They had a lot of technical problems with the website and their support staff were so bogged down with complaints they couldn't deal with everything in time for the deadline. If you had tried to begin the submission process after the original deadline it wouldn't have let you, but anyone who had tried and not been able to was given the four days for the tech team to sort things out for them. Hope that helps.

Becky Preston
(West Midlands Finalist... and so excited)

Hi Becky,

Thank you ever so much for the explanation above - that at least gives Sam an answer and some understanding of the problems encountered by the good people at BAFTA. As with all innovation, there are bound to be issues that creep in, through not having walked along the "red carpet" before... but I am sure the decisions made were in the interests of fairness and equal opportunity for all entrants. Useful that you add that people couldn't submit their films after the original deadline.

Good luck for tomorrow night at the The Orange British Academy Film Awards - sounds very glitzy and well, wonderful to tread that red carpet - exciting indeed!

Becky's film is called 'Avowal.'

Becky, perhaps you'll comment here and let us all know what happened on the night, and whether you won! ?

With best wishes,


Hi Jonathan
I didn't win in the end, the film Happy Birthday Grandad did, it's director was very happy and very gracious about his win too. All of the finalists had a fantastic time, though it is rather a surreal experience. We didn't get a chance to talk to many of the stars, but all of us had a great time and returned with some great new friends also passionate about film making!

The Evening was fantastic, starting at 3 with all the shorts screened in convent garden and the winner announced, then a walk along the red carpet, champagne reception and the BAFTA's themselves. Followed by dinner and the E! after party. Really a great prize!


Hello Becky,

Thanks for coming back and reporting your fantastic experiences. I watched the BAFTA evening on television and noted that the 60 seconds of Fame got a mention by none other than Jonathan Ross... and the camera cut to the filmmaker too. I thought it a pity that the other finalists weren't mentioned as well, although I wasn't sure whether you had indeed had another ceremony earlier on - which clearly you did from your message.

Glad you had a lovely time - hopefully the competition will be repeated again later this year.


hey, you mentioned you judged the Easter Region. I made the film Happy Puppy, which eventualy whent through to the finnal as the Eastern winner. Wondered if you could give me some of your views on my film, or if you knew any of the other judges views. It would be great to get some feed back as im a 19 year old starting out and whant to know how to improve.

Also just out of interest what film did you think deserved to win the East region?

My email adress is, if you could contact me with your responce that would be really helpful to me on improving as a filmmaker.

Thanks for your help. Will Mc

Hello Will,

Thanks for your comment. It wouldn't be right to share my views about which entry should have won in any of the categories, so unfortunately I won't comment on that aspect. However, I will happily give you some views on the film you made 'Happy Puppy' and hope that will help you in your filmmaking.

Please look out for an email to your address.


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