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Apple iSync and compatibility with latest Sony Ericsson phones


If you have one of the Sony Ericsson's latest mobile phones, K610i, K800i etc you will probably find that Apple Mac OS X iSync software doesn't support them. iSync allows you to synchronise your Apple Address Book and iCal diary with your mobile phone, something that has become an essential component of my mobile life.

Wanting to transfer all my contacts from my Address Book to the new phone, I quickly established that Apple's iSync doesn't yet support this new phone... though I know Apple will in time. Needing a solution now, I used the site. There was a small charge for the iSync Plugin.. and I know it's probably available for free somewhere, like the K800i iSync plugin can be downloaded.

New phone also means new features, here are just a few improvements over the K750i :

  • 3G / video calling / video messaging - though you need to be in a 3G reception area, and of course so does the recipient!
  • RSS news subscription service - really handy, I use RSS news feeds a lot on my MacBook Pro and this is far more portable.
  • Blogging tool - seems to be tied into the service though - shame. If it handled an interface to xmlrpc that would be more useful.
  • software update service - not many people care about this except for people like me. The ultimate goal is always to establish the best and the latest functionality.
  • predictive word suggestion - not sure how useful this will be really.
  • small thing, but significant - the on screen font has changed making it largely, softer and easier to read.
  • has much improved file management features.
  • the K610i is a smaller phone - which also means lighter too.

Upgrade. It's the way forward...


I'm not sure I can believe this! You have a £1,000+ computer and a £200+ state of the art phone, a very reliable and helpful source has written an iSync code that thousands are using, since Apple cannot physically keep up with all the new phones, and for £1.49 some of you are still spending time wineing on forums about 'it should be free' ?!?
Just download it and iSync your phone for good ness sake - it's the cost of one phone call, let alone missing one apointment becuase your iSync isn't working!

I've had the 3rd party plugin for 6 months now. It works perfectly and the fact that it is not an Apple plug in is completely transparent. The suggestion that £1.50 is expensive is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard. Someone has taken the time to develop a tool to benefit you.

Would you quibble about paying £1.50 for a hammer at a hardware shop, or should only virtual tools be free?

does anyone know a username and password for wotanserver plz if u do plz email me at thanks

i am complete phone ignoramus & have just got p990i cos was told it should sync with mac & can write on it etc... but now seems it doesn't. ?do you think there will be a plug in that would work for this one too?

does anyone know a username and password for wotanserver plz if u do plz email me also at thanks

Could anyone please give me a username and password for wotanserver. I only need valid account, no credit, because I will Finalize with PhoneXS. My email is thanks.

Well the site refuses to let me buy their iSync plugin on any card I have.

Excellent, my old phones died so I now have a k610 with no way of getting my contacts onto it. *sigh*

AFAIK OSX 10.4.9 adds support for the k610 …

I think iPhone is better. I really think apple will sell over the 10 million mobile devices within the year that they expect this

mobile phone has everything.

My K610I have touble when reicivihg 3G. The network sign of #g is disapears

Hi Charles,

Have you check the network operators 3G coverage. For example, I get 3G coverage here in Essex from O2 but not when I'm in Surrey.

Most operators have a map on their website detailing what service they offer across the UK. Try looking for that.


Please help me to have my sony ericsson k800i upgraded to support the latest file type. Email:
Thank you

i have best converter download

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