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Mobile blogging from iPhone using TypePad, Blogger, Flickr

Sony Ericsson blogging client for Blogger.comI've been running a mobile blog site for a long time now (since 2006), and although my main blog has been rather quiet over the past few weeks, I've found time to reflect on some recent activities using my new iPhone. In the past, I have used the Sony Ericsson software on the handset to send photos captured by the mobile phone's camera straight to a site.

Clearly this software wasn't available on the iPhone, but as with all sites that have a programmable API, there are plenty of other routes for creating blogs, many of them not new of course. Email to webpage technology allows web content to be authored within an email client and then published by sending an email which is read by the server and published. It's a really neat solution and although it has been around for at least the last 6 years it hasn't, for me, had a use until now.

The iPhone has a great web browser, and handles forms really well, so it's great for posting to any website. However, it won't allow you to upload photos because of the restrictions to being able to access the file system (with the exception of hacked iPhones.) The iPhone also has a great email client, which overcomes the problem of uploading images to a blog site.

iPhone email to web technology using

Using's email to blog option, I can take pictures on the iPhone, choose the Email Photo option and send it to a private address that only I know about, but one which receives and then publishes as a blog entry. A perfect solution, and quick too. Here are some of my most recent entries, all taken with an iPhone and blogged straight to using Mail.

Of course, it's not just that enables this technology as Flickr does this too, see my iPhone pictures on Flickr, in fact, you can see everyone elses iPhone pictures on Flickr.

Flickr will also publish your photos and accompanying annotation to most popular blog sites, or to any blog that supports xmlrpc, such as WordPress, Drupal, Movable Type.

For those of you who have a TypePad blog, the developers of TypePad have already created an iPhone interface.


I found your blog post as I was searching on how to push photos from my iPhone onto my blog. Everything is working fine and I've set up my blogger account to receive emails, etc. The text part of my posts show up (title and body) but my images are a small blue box with a question mark in them. Have you ever experienced this? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


You must add all of your text in the body of the email BEFORE you attach the photo. This is a known issue (and it is annoying.)

Hope that helps.


dina, if you have a gmail email account and set it as your default email account in your iPhone, you can email your photos to blogger straight from the albums in your iPhone and they will go through. I had the same problem and read about this method in another blog and it worked for me. C

Yes, this is the correct answer. Thanks!

I love my iphone. And I love the fact that they are making it easy to upload pictures :)

I have the same porblem. the text portion of a blog uplaod is fine but the image does not come thru. What gives?

same problem for me - posts going through but with a clear box - no image - any ideas?

also true for my parents' 2Gen- question mark instead of pic. but my new 3G gets pics no problem. i know she didn't change any settings so.... how do we fix it?

Great information.The iPhone also has a great email client, which overcomes the problem of uploading images to a blog site.I can take pictures on my iPhone.


I think we can't survive without such technology anymore. Thanks for sharing your tips to do so from iphone. I have one but I am quite uncomfortable with it.
luxury phones

i have iPhone 3G and using Mail2Blogger feature. I can send text blogs no problem. GMail is the default mail on the phone and if i choose a pic form the album and send email it just never posts. I read above that you have to write the email and attach image after that, but i didnt know you can do that. How?

Thanks, changing the default mail to gmail (on a hacked phone) works perfect!
Now if I can ONLY figure out how to tether my phone to my PC....

i had the same problem but i unlocked it using and now i can use it on any network

A few months ago I used Mail2Blogger successfully, posting both text and pictures from the Camera roll. Then, all of a sudden, I can only post text. The pictures don't post, only a small rectangular box appears. I tried to reduce the actual size of the jpg to well under 250K (I used 102K), and it still did not post images. Can you still post pictures on your blogspot?

Hi there,

How do you deal with the formatting using Mail2Blogger? I mean, when I do it, it doesn't use up the full line because the iPhone mail client text area is smaller and so I have to post it as a draft, and when I get on the computer, I would need to reformat it.

iPhone 3Gs, non-JB, using iPhone native Mail app, to send articles/text with multi photos interspersed throughout the text, to blogger = Result: NO PHOTOS SHOW UP!! But only the little blue boxes!

(The articles with multi pics showed up FINE at Posterous.)

Googling for answers shows several discussions but no solid solution. Some people said this problem has been going on for THREE YEARS & the Goog has never fixed it. That's pretty BAD!

Guess I won't be permanently moving to blogger afterall.

(And I always do the text first in a blank email & add photos after, so that tip won't help).


Thanks for keeping this site running.

We are running a blog on holidays (8 weeks per year). This year we fell behind in posting and I am thinking about putting the iPhone 3GS into blogging service. So it's blogspot and google email that we are using.
Donna types up the text , on the laptop, I do photo editing and layout.

Seems from the comments so far using email to blog doesn't provide an adequate solution. The iPhone apps I looked at all seem not to work as promished or won't allow pics uploading. I would like to be able to also add captions in picassa.

I am trying to get photos from my ipad onto my blogspot blog. i get a message when trying to email a picture that my carrier is not suported by blogger/ It suggests I use Safari,Foxfire or Explorer newest version-I have a new ipad-must have newest version of Safari-What am I doing wrong?

When I first used Typepad Iphone App there was a square photo posted to my blog. After an update, they changed to photo insert to a long skinny rectangle so my photo uploads are losing the right side of the photo. Do you know how I can fix this? Thank you, Felicia

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how do i empty all my pictures from my iphone to my ipad. the photos can't be emailed or deleted.

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