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Telewest announces Personal Video Recording (PVR) in a Set-top box



Not sure that these can be sold to be honest... don't they remain the property of Telewest? Maybe not, I just assumed that it was 'rented' equipment.

Hello Jonathan,

I'm not familiar with the FireDTV-C device so I'm unable to help you on that, my other blog readers may know more however.

It's worth noting at this point that Telewest have recently launched their own PVR box, called TVDrive. I think it's very pricey (£15 per month) for a piece of hardware which costs no more than £50 to produce probably.

Also, since buying the Evolution TV product, I have recently purchased the pocket EyeTV from Elgato. The EyeTV software is amazingly good, and so too is the quality of the TV signal. I have given up trying to make a PVR box work with Telewest's cable service especially now that Telewest won't worry about changing their provision since they have their own PVR box available as another revenue stream.

I have a home built media centre, and am wondering if I can use a dvb-c card in the back, in conjunction with the dragon cam, in order to view the cable signal without using any extra set top box.

If so, is there any extra work required to program the Dragon cam?

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