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Deutz Engine Screensaver - download animated construction of a motor engine

Our Scout unit are working towards their Mechanics badge. One of the parents, Mike, works at Ford Motor Company and brought this rather cool screensaver along yesterday evening. The screensaver takes the viewer through the various parts of a motor engine as you watch it being constructed in front of you. Sadly, the screensaver is for Windows PCs only... Watch the Flash animation and download the Deutz Engine screensaver. I wonder if there is a tool to construct Screensavers for Mac OS X from Flash movies? You can now download the excellent screensaver from this site.

Please keep this service running.

Due to the enormous interest in downloading this screensaver from this site and the large amount of traffic coming to my server host, I would really appreciate a donation towards the hosting costs of this service. Many thanks for your understanding.




** Download software list UPDATED 22nd July 2009 **

Now available for Windows Vista

Downloadable options:




Please support this screensaver development.



** UPDATE 31st October 2007 **


There is another animated construction of an engine, this time a diesel engine made by Perkins which can be downloaded from this website. Download the Perkins 3D diesel engine animation.





hi that is really nice screen saver and all full of things that makes this beast, actually i am intructer here in automobile engg, and am intrested in the flash movie if u have one

Hey Jonathan, do you know,if the screnn saver "deutz engine" works on win 7?

this is so cool ive been looking for it. my boss has got it on his pc at work. so coooool.


hi, Jonathan is so cool, send to deutz Screensaver. I´m mexican studen, nice too meet you!, tank.


its not a deutz engine deutz never made dohc i think its mercedes engine

It's a Zetec engine made by Ford

Are you sure that it is a zetec? because it looks like a Ford Duratec for me. anyway it is a nice animation:)

Very nice have the speciffications of the engine? Liters, HP?

I've seen this on my brother's computer, he tried to send it to me but the end bit when the engine starts running wouldn't work. My son George aged 11 is fascinated by it. Can you send it to me please.
Cheers Helen.

Hello Helen,

I have uploaded the Flash movie to this site, you can find it here...

Hope George enjoys watching the movie. Wishing you both a very Happy Christmas.

watch the deutz_engine_screensaver_flash.swf

and read about it here.


I have been trying to get this screensaver for the last year.
Please send it to me.

Hello Jeeva,

Have just sent you an email, hope you enjoy the screensaver.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Hello Jonathan,

Thanks a lot for your immediate response. Really appreciate it.
I will keep in touch.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


ej jonathan,
could you send the file of the screensaver to the following adres?

Have replied by email... thanks for your message...

Happy New Year...

you 2 and thnx

ej jonathan.
i cant get it installed on my pc.
i open the maps in the zip file and it extracts also, but wen its ready to instal the whole file falls away and nothing happens.
please help!!!

i got it on my pc now but it doesnt stay as screensaver.
when i install it as screensaver and go back there after i shotted it down it says none in staid of deutz engine.
how can i get deutz engine screensaver to stay there and not be erased by himself or my pc or what cause.

Hi Joey,

I'm surprised that you are having difficulties with Windows saving your screensaver choices. Can I suggest a few things to try:

1. Try choosing a screensaver other than the Deutz one. See if Windows saves your choice of screensaver after a restart.

2. Try choosing the Deutz one and click 'Apply' before clicking on 'OK'

After a restart, is Deutz screensaver still available in the list of choices for screensavers, or do you need to install it again?

Sorry I can't help more.

Hi, i have the screensaver downloaded, and I can veiw it by playing it. But how do i get it so i can actually set it as a screen saver?
Thanks, Tyler


hey bro let me know if u having hardtime to install program or u can email me in



Once you have downloaded the screensaver for Windows, clicking the .exe file will install the software onto your computer. Following this process should place the screensaver in the list of available screensavers which are available from the Displays Control Panel.

Hope this helps.


good screen saver

this thing is so nice and unbelivable
do have the speciffications of the engine? Liters, HP
good luck

Hello Jonathan...
I am having trouble downloading the 'deutz screen-saver' for Windows PC (43Meg) file, can you please email me a save-able copy...most grateful mate..
I hope this will run in Windows after selecting it from display properties for my desktop screensaver.
Here is my email..

I tried again and managed to download the Windows file 42.3meg from your link above, so please cancel my request.
However, this appears to be a TRIAL version, as I tried to reinstall to another directory and a purchase of the software is required to view screensaver.
Anything I can do, I presume you can not save this screensaver for prosperity.

muy wapo este video

Jonathan IT advice is alittle flawed. the .exe file generally does not install the screensaver, it just takes you to the screensaver control panel. To get it to work save all files whereever your current .scr files live (windows XP for example is c:\windows directory) then when you select and run from your screensaver list you don't get the message EVERYONE is asking about.. about rebuilding your screensaver!

Great, thanks again. Happy that people can suggest better advice.

I'll take your instructions and include them within an installation guide, shortly.


Is there a compatible screen saver for mac yet? it must be .saver



I have updated my computer to the VISTA, then does not run this screensaver.
Could you give me some advice to recover from it?

really great

very good

I've dowloaded the exe. I had that screensaver on my previous pc, but now I have a new notebook with Vista, and the Deutz Engine doesn't work with this O.S. John, please give me some information about! What I have to do to solve this big problem?
Please send me a mail to!
Thanks a lot

dear Jonathan pleaase send to deutz engine Screensaver. tank

sorry,, my e-mail is

Hi!... I'm a mechanical engineering student...n' i love this screen saver... can you send it to me? Thankz dude!

Just wondering if you plan on making the screensaver compatible with Windows Vista? Great job but I have the latest windows version and the screensaver does not work for me. Thanks

Sorry my email address is Thanks again

Hey I noticed all the Vista comments about the SS. I love this screen saver and hope you do make it to work with Vista. Could you please send your plans to Thanks.

Hallo, please some posibility for Vista?
P:S Sorry, my english is not so good, how i wont.. :-)))

G'day Mate

Just wondering if you could send me an email '' with the solutions for vista


Love your work


hi jon,i love this screensaver but its not compatible wid vista.can u do something bout it?waiting 4 ur reply
bye tc.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for keeping this file uploaded. I found a similiar animation at


Respected sir,

I want a 12 piston demo working engine, if its possible, so please send me on my mail which is {} keep continuing with others screen savers
I shall be gratefull to you

Can you make it for Win Vista also?

hey, i'm still having problems with the DOHC Engine assembly screensaver. The vista update doesn't work, it just brings up a blank screen.

Any suggestions? Cheers

hmmm, I think I need to do some more testing, sigh.

Sorry guys, I'll take a look at this over the weekend. I suspect this is a problem with the codec used to compress the video embedded within the screensaver. I used AVI format files because I thought they were the most compatible. I'll re-compress the media and upload the screensaver again.

thanks Alex for your feedback.


Hi Jonathan
I think it is the best of screen saver ever , well done Jonathan.
but i have problem with my vista I try this in my computer it is open
white screen , please help my to solve the problem thanks ahead.

I installed these files in C:/windows/system32

Deutz Engine.ssp
Deutz Engine.scr
Deutz Engine.exe
Deutz Engine.002
Deutz Engine.001

I can choose it as a screensaver, all I get is a black screen, any ideas?

nice one

Hi Jonathan-I love the screensaver! Did you ever get a solution to the whitescreen that shows up when using Vista? My email is


Hi, thanks

i got this off the computers at work ( i work at BMW) but it didnt work on my vista rig

thanks for the link to the vista version :)

Even though it doesnt work lol, i get the white screen too...

The thoughts there though,

Thanks again, Daniel

I am having the same Windows Vista Problem that everyone else is. Extracting the compressed file results in a blank screen. I am a mechanical engineer with 5 years as a certified technician. This would prove helpful for demonstrations. I'm about as impressed with Vista as you are. Please repond if a solution is discovered. APPRECIATAED

Just a warning:

People, don't download the normal Windows version - it just will not work! Have not tested Vista yet?

Hello, Jonathan, Can you please send me screen saver of Cummins engine


Would you like me to send you the URL pointing to where you can download the screensaver? If so, please drop me an email. Email address at the top of this site.


hi again like everyone else im just getting a blank screen when i try to run the .exe file any idea when this might be fixed ?

hi again like everyone else im just getting a blank screen when i try to run the .exe file any idea when this might be fixed ?


sorry... I'm unable to do very much to solve this issue as I'm lacking access to Windows Vista. I will try to get hold of a copy or use a computer with Vista installed over the next week or so.

Apologies for taking so long...


Great screensaver.

Great Work . How much time did it took to ccomplete starting form scratch.....
A very good inspiration for Teachers like me and Students! Simply Great.........

i hope if u can help i hve windows vista i downlaod this screensaver it didnt work can explain me how shd i make this work can u email me at

thnks man

I downloaded the screensaver but I only get the message on the screen that I'm a trial user and rebuilding the screensaver after purchasing it, would make it work ok.

So I donated some money but what is the procedure for rebuilding it?

Hai Ron i have that same problem but I have not send some money yet,
wil you thell the how it is finisht/how can I fix it so that its works.
sorry for the letters that i send you i am a dutch man.
will you send me the answer to my mail adres


Hi Jonathan, I saw your screensaver on XP it´s very nice but i have Vista and the same problem (blank screen) do you find why?
Thanks saludos from Mexico

Hi, I saw the video, I downloaded the file for vista, but when I install de file the screen turn ina white screen and don´t do nothing.

What can I do to have this screen saver in my Vista PC???

Why do you leave non-working software posted for such a long time. You are wasting people's time.

Hi i tried installing it on my Vista laptp and it shows a white screen. Can you please send me a solution. Thank you

i do like the screensaver but like so many others all i get is a white screen, is there a solution, if not an update on what is happening would be nice please,

I have the same problem in a desktop. A white screen. Only with ctrl+alt+del I can recover my work. Can you help me?

Works fine on XP? This white problem happens only on vista?

P.S Great screensaver. Really great work.

Greatings from Poland.
Thx for the exelent screensaver !!!!

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the great work! I've downloaded the Deutz Engine screensaver for Vista, but when I open the extracted application, a white screen appears and thats about it. I can right-click and apparently change some settings, but the screensaver never seems to install or activate, regardless of what settings I choose. Could you please offer some advice?


hi jon,i love this screensaver

Great site by the way.

I have been looking for this screensaver for awile now and have the same problem with all of the other guys with Vista, just wondering if there is a solution yet. i am sure a lot of people would be happy if there was.

I also would like to know if there is an animation screensaver of a jet engine?

Keep up the great work.

my email

Hy Johnathan

I am having the same white screen prob.

Love the saver, hope you can solve this

Thanks a Lot


Hi Jonathan,

the screensaver is not from a Deutz Engine, this screensaver is from a Ford Duratec engine. This engine is also tuned bij Cosworth

Same problem with vista... solution?

Eu não falo ingles, apenas leio alguma coisa bastante simples, mas permita lhe cumprimentar pelo feito da animação do motor, sou Sargento Bombeiro do Brasil no Estado do Paraná e gostei muito da novidade.

any advice for that problem for vista???

Hy Johnathan

I am having the same white screen prob. on Vista

Love the saver, hope you can solve this

Thanks a Lot



hi jonathan, my screen goes white when i select the program and it doesnt show in my scrren saver window. what do i do?

Hey mate. I've used the screensaver on my boss's pc at work, which is an XP. However, vista doesn't let the screensaver work, I've tried all of the link downloads, but none of them want to operate on vista. With the one saying it's for 98, ME and XP, it comes up with a blank, black screen. With both links that say it's for vista, come up with a blank white screen with the mouse pointer still visible (as has been previously mentioned by other people).
Can you let us all know when you have come to a solution?
Gimme an email if you can on;

Thanks for your time,

Hi Jonathan,
I have seen the screen saver on a colleague's PC but no installer. Am into fleet management & maintenance and would appreciate if the flash and screen saver installer are sent to my email i have failed to download it.


Excelente, muy buena presentacion, FELICIDADES

I have been trying to get this screensaver for the last year.
plese send me more and more screen saver for window xp, its very helpfull for understanding

hanji momin ali bhai is easy to install in xp or vista just tell me which operating system do u have ? xp or vista if u have vista just save teh setup and unzip that setup on u r desktop after u unzip right click on setup run as a administaration that's it, it will be on u r screen saver enjoy......................

Hi at all,

I'm trying to install this great screensaver on my Laptop, but have the same problem with the white screen and no idea how to solve this problem!


do you now a solution for the vista problem already. i get a white screen. if you have a solution please email me at


sorry i mean

Hi there, i have encountered the same Vista issue, is there a solution? You're probably sick of being asked about it, sorry. or and put ftao Ian, thanks.

Effectively , it doesn't work on Vista ... but for the ones who really want this screen saver working on their Vista OS ... and waiting Jonathan create a working installer , they can always download the movie from YouTube , then convert it in MPG file ... After just need to install "Perkins 3D diesel engine animation " ( which works on Vista ) , and copy the converted movie in the installed repertory of perkins ( c:\softddCV ), of course we need to give to it the name of perkins original file ( "perkins_1104D" ) and it will work fine ...

The only problem is that we lose probably on quality compare to the original screensaver, so if Jonathan could let us too simply download the movie at his highest resolution , it will be perfect ... but it's very a Great screensaver ...


For all users of Windows XP:

If you are getting error " Trail User.........." & Can not see the screen saver then pls ensure that all 6 files from the 42 MB ZIP files are extracted to C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Then select the screensaver & it will work fine.

cool scr

Great screensaver, but same problem with vista... solution? hopefully soon, thanks.

It is fantanstic and really makes my PC very good

Hello Jonathan.
Recently I downloaded this screensaver, here, and set it but it's not working. I already did what Manish told to do, it's just not working. What should I do to have it working properly? I use a XP-os on my PC.

Hi Everton,

Not sure what more to suggest. Try installing it twice?  Move files and restart the computer. I've had no issues with the installer. Which version have you downloaded?

Best wishes


hi manufacturer
this is a nice drawing view and other future of that drawing

hi i download your screen saver (i saw it in a pc of mechanic repair shop) its amazing job, and i want it in my pc, but i have win vista and the sip file freez in 50%, i cancel then and appear extracted, i run it and give me "stream error" i click cancel and continue the installation and then "error system 32", so i cant install it, please see what its happening please and thanks for your job

my mail

hi so good .thanks for all useful info in site.

THanks too much now it works, amazing job now i will donate some money but its what i can i hope will serve to you, regards and thanks again bye

Error appear "low memory" i have 1 Gb of ram a 150Gb in hard disk........please see whats happening

I me again, now says lor memory, i have a core duo, 1 Gb ram, 150 Gb hard disk, so i cant use it again lol

Good morning, firstly may I say your animation is fantastic. Are you aware it is Ford engine that is modelled and no a Deutz?
Best regards,


awwwwwwwwwwwwwsem briliant , love it !
what about transmition system or lutch is there any screensaver for that!!!
that would be so intresting!

Haw screensaver works in Windows 7?

Hi When will it ba available for windows 7 ??????? Its the best thing I have ever seen

I'm yet to install it, but I've seen it before on a science teacher's laptop. It's amazing.

Hi Jonathan,

after downloading the file and putting it to the System32 path on Windwos XP, it says a nice sentence I´m a Trail User and need to purchase the product....
Is that the way it should be? I thought it´s for free but to give a donation?




tried to DNL the Deutx Engine screen saver for Windows Vist, I get an error "cant load extension .001. Any suggestions?

I'ts a Ford Engine Ztec. but this apresentation have ONE, only one Error.

Many thanks to you Jonathan, Kindly upload the screensaver for windows 7 users. Thanks.

i already install it, but then it said interface not supported, how to solve it?? please, i need your answer....

i have downloaded yhe vista version & couldnt install it.but 3gp version looks good.
i tried to donate through paypal but it isnt accepting it.

hi friends i need a diesel engine demo jst like this if any 1 of you have that so plz send me ay plz plz

Fantastic I wants to be install in my Laptop.

Great screensavers.. I had a problem during the installation in Vista. It said ''Can't Create a file with the name untitle in C://Windows folder'' . I Solved it.. If you have the same problem.. You just have to right click on the installation Icon and then click -run as administrator.. after it is installed you choose it from the screensaver menu. That's it! Thanks a lot!

Thanks Jonathon,

I don't know if your links work, I hope so. I have had this screensaver for several years on my work laptop. I travel EVERYWHERE...and everywhere I go, as soon as the screensaver kicks in, I'm sure to find someone mesmerized by it. I have freely passed it on (via thumbdrives) in the past, but recently, people have said that they could not install it. They may have been using Windows Vista... I am not sure. I use XP-Pro.

I am retired from Ford, worked in an engine plant for 30 years, and always felt that it resembled our Duratec I-4. Today, I ran into a man that worked at the Chihuahua MX engine plant that swore that it was the Chihuahua Duratec engine. I read some of the posts on this blog, and got I searched the internet, and of course I don't always believe everything I see on the internet...but.... check out this video...
coincidence?? I have had other people that are familiar with Deutz that say they never built an engine like this. They are supposedly more into agricultural equipment and diesels.

I will pass along your weblink to some of the guys here in Chihuahua, MX. I will also make a paypal donation when I get back to the states. Everytime I am out of the country, Paypal freezes my account when I try to use it.

Thanks again,
Jon Dearbaugh


Does it work on win 7?

Hi Jon, excellent screen saver. We had this at work, the largest powder metal auto parts manufacturer in the world, and we completely enjoyed this screen saver. I have an LG R710 note book with Vista Business, 320 h.d , 4 gig ram and dual core processor. I have tried too many times to down load this saver only to have it fail each and every time. I took it to a computer tech who is a master at his trade and I trust however, he could not get it to work for Vista either...although, he was simply amazed at how an internal combustion engine really works. I laughed as I have been heavily involved in the r & d of off road race/Marine engines for the past 40+ years. You know what they say..." a picture is worth a thousand words". 

Thanks for a great educational tool as well as entertaining my computer buddy! Once you get the Vista issues sorted out, I would love to down load the screen saver...and make a donation to your cause.




        i am having trouble downloading this screensaver if you could email me a save able copy it would be most appreciated thanks sean. my email is

hello, would you mind sending me a save-able copy of this screensaver as it will download then not play on my laptop thanks this would be much appreciated sean. my email is</p>

Everbody who has the problem with installing the exe file on vista (or windows 7) with the untitled.scr,

right-click the exe file and 'run as administrator' :D

It worked for me

I have been searching for this screen saver for many years after i lost my pendrive and i can say i am the happiest man to have it................I want to get more of this and here is my email address if you can get me another one

I've been looking for this on our internal network (I have it somewhere). Been wanting to put this on the new site I'm developing for DEUTZ UK -

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